Pulse Pack (3 x boxes)


Pulse Pack (3 x boxes)


1 x 650g Humble Hurricane red lentils
1 x 650g Epic Ace red lentils
1 x 600g Big Kabuli chickpeas

Can't decide which products to get? Not to worry, get them all! The pulse pack includes one of each of both our Humble Hurricane and Epic Ace red lentils, as well as a pack of our Big Kabuli Chickpeas.

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Big Kabuli chickpeas - Our 'Big Kabuli' Chickpeas aren't too bad at all, in fact they're great. And these suckers are the big boys of the chickpea kingdom!
Epic Ace red lentils - The Ace variety are the bigger of the lentils produced on the farm. The larger nature means they break down when cooking that little bit more. Hence they're great for a dahl or curry.
Humble Hurricanes red lentils - Our 'Humble Hurricanes' are one of the smaller varieties in the lentil kingdom and notably smaller than some of the other varieties we provide. Don't let their size fool you though!
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